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Spring Break is right around the corner! Wither you and the family plan to get away for a weekend, or the whole week, these top vaction spots will offer something for every family member. 

Washington D.C.

The nations capital is a great place to bring the whole family. You are able to see hundreds of sites within one weekend! Plan ahead and arrange a tour for the more exclusive exhibitions like the Capitol Building or the White House, or take it upon yourself to navigate the more public exhibits. With an endless amount of museums and memorials to experience, Washington D.C. provides an educational getaway that wont be forgotten. 


The American southwest is one of the most beautiful and undiscovered paradises the nation has to offer. Thousands of years of native American history combined with the year round warm weather and an amazing geography of mountains and deserts calls for an all around unforgettable adventure! Cities like phoenix and Scottsdale offer a plethora of resorts and entertainment options. If the landscape doesn’t entice you, the vast amount of family friendly activities will.


Including Florida in this list is a no brainer for many reasons. A few of these reasons include being surrounded by miles of beautiful beaches, and containing the biggest and best amusement parks in the world. In the southern part of Florida the exciting city of Miami offers a more cultural experience, while the north provides a more southern comfort. All parts of Florida provide an exciting and relaxing experience, suitable for any type of adventurer. 

Southern California

L.A., San Diego, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, these are just a few of the places within the realm of the southern part of California. With temperatures averaging in the 70’s daily, SoCal has some of the most perfect weather for outdoor activities. You can choose to lounge on one of the hundreds of unique beaches, see the stars in Hollywood, learn to surf in the near perfect water, or choose from any other of the thousands of things to do and see! So Cal is the place to be this spring break!


In the heart of the west, Colorado contains rich history and an impressive landscape. The mountains provide a haven for skiers and mountain adventurers alike. Hiking to the peak of a mountain is an unforgettable experience, one that provides a heightened appreciation of the wilderness and for our amazing world. If you’re not too keen on being outdoors, Denver offers world class dining and entertainment options the whole family will enjoy.