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Summer is almost here and going to the beach could be the best new activity for your whole family! Something that is always so fun and inclusive for all is building a sandcastle or playing in the sand. Here are newest and most exciting beach toys for summer 2017!
ToyZe Sand Castle Pail Bucket // For only $12.99 you can get a set of four of these sand castle pail buckets. These are perfect for creating the perfect little pre-made sandcastle, without having to do all the work yourself. Made of hard plastic these buckets are sure to be durable enough to last for countless trips to the beach.
Beach Builder Create-A-Sand Castle Building Kit // Comes in a tote for easy carrying to and from the beach and complete with 18 pieces to completely build the perfect sand castle. It comes with different window and door molds to ensure that your sandcastle is complete with all the essentials.
Squap Paddles // These are a fun way to play catch in a whole new way on the beach! The paddles work similar to a glove and when trying to catch the ball you must flap your hand closed to catch it. The set comes with two paddles and four balls and is a super fun way to stay active with your family.
Spikeball // Although this isn’t only for the beach playing Spikeball is a super fun way to get the whole family involved. The game costs $60 for the complete set, but spending hours playing a fun game with your family is priceless!
Emoji Beach Balls  // These are fun for a variety of reasons! They’re so cute with their fun emoji patterns on them and they’re also perfect for tossing around with family whether you’re playing volleyball, monkey in the middle or just plain old catch!
Now get ready to hit the beach with all of the new and exciting toys that are out there for you and your family to enjoy!
Katelyn May
Katelyn May
Katelyn goes to college in Los Angeles, California. She loves the beach, golden retrievers and all shades of blue. She loves to stay active by hiking, biking and dancing.