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I still remember my first time flying with a baby. My how much has happened in life since then! I remember the anxiety that I felt boarding a plane for the first time with my six month old. I thought for sure everyone would see a baby was on the flight and resent me.

Luckily, this was the farthest from my experience but I couldn’t have done it without a few tried and true tips I learned from the mamas in my life! Here are a few things to remember when flying with a baby.

Here are some things to remember when packing a carry-on with kids.

8 Genius Hacks When Flying With A Baby

Here are some tried and true tips for flying with a baby. Whether you're flying with an infant or flying with a toddler, these hacks are sure to help | Flying with a baby tips

Schedule flight during nap time or bedtime

If at all possible, schedule your flight when baby would normally nap or go down for the night. If you’re unable to do this don’t worry, usually the business of a day of travel and the white airplane noise is enough to lull baby to sleep.

Nurse on ascent and descent + nursing cover

One easy way to avoid unwanted fussiness right off the bat is to nurse (or feed)  during takeoff and landing. This will keep baby’s ear from popping. Don’t forget a nursing cover if necessary)

Bring bottles and food through security

According to the TSA guidelines, you’re allowed to bring all of the formula, water and snacks that you want through security, you just have to let the guards know and they will examine your bags and food items.

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Don’t check your car seat unless you have to

I suggest not checking your car seat because of the possible damage to car seat. The airline is not held accountable for damage to our belongings or car seat. If there’s an extra seat by you in the flight often they’ll allow you use your car seat. This is, after all,  the safest way for them to fly.

Check your stroller at the gate

I love bringing my umbrella stroller on trips so that I have it as a transport option. My stroller and my Ergo are my two baby carrier must haves. You can check your stroller for free at the gate or at the ticket station. (Most airlines will also let you check your pack n play for free upon request).

8 Genius Hacks When Flying With A Baby

Bring a few toys

Throw a few of your baby’s favorite toys in your diaper bag with the snacks and formula. Choose something that any can chew on for teething as well as something that makes a little noise for added entertainment.

Wear your baby

When we traveled I wore our daughter everywhere in the airport. It was so much easier to maneuver with two hands free and to help with luggage. My daughter felt more secure in a loud, strange place close to me instead of in a stroller. I believe we dodged some meltdowns just by keeping her near.

Babies cannot be pushed through security in strollers or car seats but they can be worn. Wearing our daughter allowed us to avoid the extra work of strapping her in and out during the craziness of the security checkpoint.

Bring some lavender oil or spray

Purchase some lavender oil if you don’t already have some and add a few drops to a roller with some refined coconut oil OR add several drops to a small spritzer bottle with 1/4c alcohol and a cup of water. These blends are Calming and encourage restfulness but they also fight sick bugs and bacteria that are rampant on airplanes.

With these tips for flying with a baby, you’re all set to make your babes first flight hassle and meltdown free. Happy travels young families! You’ve got this!

Here are some tried and true tips for flying with a baby. Whether you're flying with an infant or flying with a toddler, these hacks are sure to help!

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
Alise is a mother of two who loves the slow, small town life. She is a teacher turned stay at home mom who loves cooking, her husband, going on long neighborhood walks, just about any baked good (with coffee) and playing with her children. She has a passion for all things childhood development, teaching, and learning.