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Traveling can be expensive and stressful. The destination is usually exciting, but it’s getting there that seems to be less fun. Packing can be an annoying task, but it could also help save you some money. Carry-on luggage might just be your best friend. Learning how to travel without checking luggage can save you time, money, and sanity.

Next time you fly, make use of these helpful carry-on packing tips that will ensure you can travel without checking luggage ever again!

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3 Tips To Travel Without Checking Luggage

Next time you fly, make use of these helpful carry-on packing tips that will ensure you can travel without checking luggage ever again!

Organize Your Bag with Pouches

If packing everything in just a carry-on feels stressful, try getting organized with some packing cubes or pouches. These organizers come in various shapes and sizes to help you find the perfect spot for each item. You can use larger pouches to hold clothing and smaller ones to store toiletries. Use a packing cube for shoes that may get other items dirty. Keep track of all your electronics and cords in one little bag. You can make an initial purchase of a variety pack and use these packing cubes for every travel need in your future. Believe me, these are worth the investment!

Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes, or minimalist wardrobes, are very popular these days. Put simply, you create a wardrobe with a few staple articles of clothing that can all be mixed and matched with each other. Your closet is set up with a smaller number of items, but plenty of outfit options. This is the best way to approach packing a carry-on, even if your closet isn’t quite this minimal.

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When you’re planning what to pack for your next trip, make sure to first check out the weather. Parkas or tank tops? Boots or flip flops? Once you’ve established the type of clothing you’ll need, consider some staple items that could go with many other options. For example, you might want to pack two simple bottoms – jeans and black pants. Next, you’ll want to find three or four tops you can interchange with each pair of pants. Skip the bold, statement pieces and go for more versatile tops.

Finally, take only two pairs of shoes. Shoes can be heavy and bulky, so wear the bigger shoes on the plane and pack one other neutral pair in the bag. Simplifying your wardrobe may be difficult, but remember, this will save you money and time! Plus, you won’t have to think too hard about what to wear while you’re away. That means more time to enjoy the destination!

Dress Intentionally

A simplified clothing list can be very helpful for packing light. Another helpful hint is to dress purposefully the day of travel. Like the above tip about wearing bulkier shoes on the plane, consider the same with your whole outfit. If you have a coat or large scarf, include it in your plane attire. Opt for jackets with pockets, and don’t be afraid of layers. You can always used a bunched up scarf as a nice head rest on the plane if you get too warm. Think about what will take up space in your carry-on and find a way to take advantage of that day-of travel outfit.

5 Tips To Travel Without Checking Luggage Ever Again

Travel with Multi-Purpose Items

A great way to pack less is to consolidate. Traveling brings out the bookworm in people, but it’s hard to pack a lot of books in such a small space. Consider bringing an e-reader instead of physical books for the trip. Or better yet, download audio books, podcasts or music onto just your phone and travel with the bare minimum for entertainment. Whatever you bring along to work on or pass the time, get creative with making them as functional as possible.

Call Ahead

Before you get too far into packing, make sure you check in with the place you’ll be staying. If it’s a hotel or Airbnb, there will likely be amenities available to you. You may be able to save space by using the provided toiletries and tools. Take the time to call ahead or look online. The space, time, and convenience will all be worth the effort.

Again, packing doesn’t have to make you anxious. Plan ahead, make some small adjustments, and use these tips to ensure your next trip is a great one. Happy traveling.

Jess Lyons
Jess Lyons
Jess Lyons is a wife, mom, and Resident Director to 100+ college students. Her days are filled with dorm events and bike rides with her family, and she loves the overlap of it all. In her free time, you can find her reading a book or enjoying good food with friends.