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We’ve all heard the term “glamping” thrown around and wondered exactly what it is.  How can camping be… glamorous?  If you’re hoping to enjoy the outdoors without having to actually endure the outdoors, glamping is about to be your new favorite thing and we have the best family glamping tips you need!  

Glamping combines the fun of sleeping under the stars with all of the luxuries of a 5-star hotel!  Why settle for a lumpy old sleeping bag when you can enjoy the comforts of the indoors – in the great outdoors!  Here are some family glamping tips to help you get glam.

4 Family Glamping Tips To Help You Camp In Style

4 Family Glamping Tips To Help You Camp In Style


If you’re hitting the campgrounds, think about how much you want to carry with you.  Instant pitching tents are as easy as can be when it comes to set-up.  If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, think about renting a campervan or camping trailer!  If you’re staying local and planning on glamping in your backyard, consider constructing your own shelter!  Bohemian tents are easy to build with a couple pieces of scrap wood and canvas drop cloth – and you can have an actual floor!  

Here are the 5 best large camping tents for the whole family.

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To make your abode Pinterest-worthy, it’s all about the lighting!  Splurge on fairy lights, candles, and string globe lights to give your tent a soft and warm glow.  Go old school and invest in a few glass lanterns, or step outside of the box with paper lanterns!  A couple carefully placed garden lights are perfect for lighting up campfire sing-alongs, or illuminating a path for midnight dashes to the bathroom!

Get Cozy

Time to ditch the sleeping bag for something a bit more fabulous and a bit more comfortable.  If sleeping on the ground is your worst nightmare, try an air mattress!  It gives you all of the comforts of your bed at home… a little closer to the Earth!  Cozy is the name of the game, so dig out your most luxurious comforters and your softest blankets, and don’t forget to pile on the pillows!

4 Family Glamping Tips To Help You Camp In Style


Glamping is all about including the luxuries of your home that you don’t usually find in nature – bringing the inside out!  Bluetooth speakers are a fun and easy way to bring your jams with your wherever you go.  If you want to combine camping with a movie night, try curling up in your tent with a portable DVD player or laptop.  No wifi necessary!  Think of the little things that you might want but are not necessarily conventional on a campsite – like a mirror!

Whether it be a family getaway or a girls’ night out (literally!), step outside the box and take a stab at glamping for your next adventure!  Who says stunning nature can’t meet modern luxury?

Jane Jozefowicz
Jane Jozefowicz
Jane Jozefowicz is a rising sophomore at the University of Chicago, where she studies Linguistics and Computer Science. Jane plays trombone and lacrosse and is the biggest animal lover you'll meet!